Monday, 18 August 2014

Sponsor Spotlight: Mindless Longboards and Longboards UK

So here's a heads up and thank you to the first of our sponsors - these guys have sponsored both Hog Hills so far this year, providing trucks, bearings and wheels as prizes.

Mindless, for a long time the UK's premier budget longboard brand have been producing (as you may know) the Voodoo range for a while - sponsoring riders from both Ireland and the UK with some really very good wheels and trucks, while their array of boards has also advanced to include a polished symmetrical micro-drop board. They're still selling the £60 pintails, but all their top end advances have trickled down into these budget boards  - I had a ride on a rogue "straight out the box" and without kingpin adjustment the board was great - responsive, fun, and a lot of potential fun from such a cheap setup. Also check out their wooden contender to the plastic skateboard throne, the Daily, which according to the shop featured below is cheaper than it's polymer counterpart by some margin. Having test-ridden a set of the SHR wheels the Daily features, I can attest to their ridiculously good grip and fast roll speed.

"Where can I go stand on a longboard before I buy it, Mindless or otherwise?" I hear you cry! Well, next time you're in Brighton or London, go check out Oddballs, the physical face of Longboards UK. It's very hard to describe the Aladdin's cave that is the London Oddballs shop - a tiny corner in camden rammed full of skate goodies alongside the circus stuff like fire poi, juggling clubs and unicycles. if you can't make it to either their London shop or their more expansive Brighton branch, check out for a pretty comprehensive range of gear, including a large offering from Madrid, Venom and Cadillac. Longboards Uk have been around for a while (since 1984!), and have been supporting the Hog Hill series of events for the last few years. Mat's enthusiasm for getting the shop from passive to active in the longboard scene is awesome, so watch out for their involvement in future events!

Madrid or Venoms? Who cares - we're all just jealous of that hill the dude's riding!

Also, having just popped onto their website to steal a photo for this post, check out their sale page - a lot of freaking sweet stuff at reduced prices. I just wish I could justify another 3 boards!

Watch this space for the rest of the sponsors featuring throughout this week!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Media Dump (one of possibly two?)

The one with all the videos hastily embedded in half-baked HTML, the Media dump is here!

For those of you wondering where the prizes went (that list will be out soon with the sponsor posts coming next week), James Nixon's video has you all standing around with the prizes at the end - one of the first videos to show this stuff, so thanks James for getting the Sponsor shouts out there :D

Jack Watson's done a rad job and made it out first with this nifty edit.

Normally we only have a couple of full edits out but Joseph O'Connell rounds off this quick trio of videos chronicling the event.

Props for getting those edits turned around super fast!

 We always get some raw runs in, so check out Dil's on his facebook: Clicky here!

And so to the photos, which seem a bit thin on the ground - if you've got an album I missed or pics you want to share, post them to the Facebook event for this and I'll add them into media dump 2. Credit to the guys with the cameras - remember to ask permission before using!

Newton's Shred

Rob Ashby

James Linder

Chris Drewery photography

And the rest of you, get it in gear and share them pictures on the Facebook!

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Results and rankings

Hokay, so for those of you who like pictures, Media Dump will be on Friday (post your albums to the swine stomp Facebook if you haven't already). We've had 3 rad videos of the event, so YEAH! Excited about that :)

In the mean time while I compose such a piece and add in all the links, here's some results for you to peruse over. Unfortunately I cannot find the results from the crackling, and the results from Hogtoberfest last year only cover the top few riders. If you want the full thing, CLICK HERE. You can view but not edit it (that's my job!) Also also, because it's a big window, scroll down to the bottom of this post for it!

  • Mini Moto racing doesn't work on points, so I'll refer you to the previous post for the podium spots.(nav menu to the right --> ) 
  • Giant slalom results are in an official format, so I daren't try to embed them into the internet! You gotta download them from here: SwineStomp_Giant.xls
  • Dual Hybrid results link is the same format as above, and available here: SwineStomp_Hybrid.xls

The Big race sheet! It should be accurate as well. Feedback welcomed!

 The race heats all look digital now, but on the day everything's analogue - if your pen breaks you don't have to go to PC World to buy a new one!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

An epic weekend! Sponsor video slide + DH race results.

Well, the weather held, we got through all the racing in under 2 hours, we had some super tight riding, no mega slams, some ace slides, cone dodging and ramp jumping and a lot of fun in between! Thanks to everyone who came along, the centre/lambourne end, St John's SLAMbulance, the volunteers (who'll get a name drop in a later post) all the riders, the spectators (hope you had a good time and didn't get hit by any skaters!) The other organisers and microphone shouterers, and of course them sponsors! Thanks to everyone for making the Swine Stomp 2014 a damn good weekend!

For those of you making videos or wanting a full list of sponsors, here's a 1080p still of the sponsors to plonk in your video. If you're hell-bent on modifying it, drop me an email and I'll send you the photoshop file ;)
Clicky on this to get the full size, then right-click to download

Aaaand onto results:

I'll be uploading everyone's points from this time (and trying to find the points from the Crackling to add as well) into a google spreadsheet so you can all see your scores and your rankings. In the meantime, here's the Downhill podium results (Prize distribution, slide jam and slalom results to come soon)

Mini Moto:
  1. Tristan Price
  2. Oscar taylor
  3. Tom McTurk
  1. Ben Stainer
  2. Pete Davies
  3. Bodhi Keen
  1. Sabina Edwards
  2. Helena Bee
  3. April Whitlow
  1. Joe Williams
  2. Reuben Loosemoore
  3. Angus Colville
  1. Hendrix Mortimer
  2. Tiago Fanha
  3. Ethan Kear-Davies
So there you have it! Keep your eyes peeled for more info on everything coming in the next few weeks!
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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Online Registration

For admin purposes, online registration and payment will close at 3:00pm on Thursday 17th July.

Don't worry; you can still sign-up on the day!

Please remember that we do not have a credit card facility, so sign up on the day is cash only.